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Hi Leanne,

I renamed “Strategies to Support Collaborative Discussion” as you asked. The other issue is a little more complicated. Sort Categories is included in the General Coding Activities and the General Coding Activities are included in all the of the robot specific lesson plan lists. My options are either to have the lesson repeated in the other lists and then we would carry the maintenance burden of needing to update content in many places if and when it changes, or to build in more functionality that could determine which general lessons to include for each of the specific robot lists. I would recommend that we do the second option however it’s something we should tackle when we’ve done the redesign since it won’t be trivial to change. I’m wondering if it would be ok for the Sort Categories to show up in the Cubetto list for now. What do you think?



> On Aug 28, 2019, at 4:16 PM, Leanne Husk <leanne at bridges-canada.com> wrote:
> Hi Sepideh (and all 🙂)
> As I mentioned in our meeting, there were a couple minor errors in the Cubetto section of the open repository.
> 1)  The "Sorting Categories" activity should come out of the Cubetto section.  We likely didn't clarify that we don't address category sorting as a generic skill with Cubetto, as there are only 4 coding block types.
> 2)  The "Strategies to Support Collaborative Discussion" should be re-named "Strategies to Support Problem Solving" - simply because this is the actual title on the document and will help us keep everything straight.  It is also referenced that way in our Lesson Plans !
> Thanks!
> Leanne
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