[code.learn.create] Inclusive Coding Environment 0.2 Release Announcement

Leanne Husk leanne at bridges-canada.com
Mon Feb 24 16:30:53 UTC 2020

Hey Avtar,

I gave it a try - worked like a charm!  I really like all the replace/add/delete features.  LOVE the step highlights as it plays the code.

I wonder about when the code extends beyond 5 steps though...currently it adds one more space and the scroll bar at the bottom allows you to go there, but it would require a) the student realizing one has been added because it's off the viewing area and b) the student to physically scroll to get there.  Can it scroll automatically?  Or perhaps it's possible to have it scroll down instead of across?  Then 2 lines could be visible at a time...so when line 2 fills up, it automatically scrolls down to show the previous line and a new, blank line of code?

I also wonder if it's possible to have the Play button toggle to a stop button in case a student wishes to interrupt play because they recognize an error etc...

Just some thoughts.


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Hi all,

The second release of our Inclusive Coding Environment was made public a couple weeks ago. You can find it at the following link:


It contains some bug fixes along with the following notable changes:

  * The "Delete All" feature which removes all steps from a program and allows a person to start fresh with an empty program
  * Instructions on using the editor’s Add and Delete buttons
  * The Run button’s disabled state visually matches other buttons and it is inverted (white on dark grey) when a program is being run
  * The Run, Add, and Delete buttons use aria-disabled rather than the HTML disabled attribute to ensure that they are accessible in the keyboard tab order when disabled
  * Keyboard focus is retained while editing a program

We hope you're able to try it out with your Dash robots :) If you have any feedback and/or suggestions please let us know via this mailing list or Twitter https://twitter.com/codelearncreate


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