[flocking-users] Improvements to buffer management and playback

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Thu Dec 5 12:46:52 EST 2013

Awesome! Thanks Collin! I'll give it a try in a short while.

El dijous 5 de desembre de 2013, Colin Clark ha escrit:

> Hi everyone,
> I’ve just pushed some significant improvements to Flocking’s internal
> buffer management code. This should make loading and sharing buffers faster
> and more efficient, and fixes a few subtle bugs in the implementation. By
> default, audio files are now loaded and decoded asynchronously using a Web
> Worker, which frees up the main thread to continue being responsive to the
> user.
> More interestingly, I have added several new features to the
> flock.ugen.playBuffer unit generator, including the ability to:
>  * Set start and end points for playing back only portions of a buffer
>  * Triggering a reset of the current play position, moving back to the
> start of the sound file
> I also created a new unit generator called flock.ugen.readBuffer, which is
> comparable to SuperCollider’s BufRd unit generator. It allows you to
> modulate the playback rate and position in a very fine-grained way using a
> phase input. readBuffer only moves its read point based on the value of its
> phase input, so it is typically used with other unit generators such as
> flock.ugen.line or flock.ugen.phasor.
> I’ve added a handful of quick examples to the Flocking playground
> demonstrating how both unit generators can be used:
> http://flockingjs.org/demos/interactive/html/playground.html
> There are several new unit generators that I will also release soon,
> including lag, quantize, indexArray, and pulseToFreq. Stay tuned.
> Colin
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