[flocking-users] Hat Tip, And Flocking.js <=> Csound .orc File

Alexander Dorsk alex at musikata.com
Mon Dec 16 14:32:21 EST 2013

Hi Flockers,

Alex in Portland, Maine here. Just writing to (1) tip my hat to the
authors, and to offer an observation (2).

= 1: Nice work! =
I just happened upon Flocking a few days ago when I was googling for
something like 'javascript instrument definitions'.

I love it! A very cool idea I think, and nice work to make it happen. I'm
excited to see what comes out of it.

= 2: An Observation =
Flocking synth definitions remind me a bit of the .orc files for
http://www.csounds.com/ .

I think this is *very* cool, because it suggests the possibility of
creating ports for the numerous instruments that the Csound community has
already developed.

I'm curious if anyone has looked into a javascript equivalent of Csound's
'.sco' score files. These score files are basically a sequencing
definition, that tells instruments when to play specific sounds.

When tools like Flocking are combined with sequencing libraries, it will be
possible to render nuanced music and soundscapes purely in the browser. No
software for the user to install, no big latency for downloading samples.
And best of all, it will make it easier to collaborate on instruments and


I, For One, Welcome Our New Musical Overlords.

Thanks Flockers, keep up the good work!


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