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roger pibernat rogerpibernat at gmail.com
Thu Nov 14 07:46:49 EST 2013

Hi there, again.

I tried your examples in my server and worked just great!  Thanks a lot!

I'm trying to find my way around the library.  I've been playing a file
with flock.ugen.playBuffer. I can't seem to stop it, though, just pause it
(with synth.pause()).  I've read in the code that .pause()
* Stops the synth if it is currently playing.
* This is a convenience method that will remove the synth from the
environment's node graph.

but if I play it again it starts where it left off.  It doesn't reset to
the beginning of the buffer.  Is there a way to achieve this?  I also tried
.play(0.5) --according to the documentation it supposedly accepts a 'dur'
parameter, although I don't see it implemented (by that I don't mean it's
note there)--.

On a side note, if I can help in any way I would be glad to do so.  I'm not
a coding guru and just got into JS a few weeks ago, but I've done some
things in Supercollider and plenty in Java and C++.  I can't devote a great
deal of time, but I'd like to use the library for an app I was
commissioned.  So if I can contribute in any way on improving it, please
let me know.


(+34) 639 81 26 71
http:// <http://doodledeedoo.wordpress.com/>www.wucollective.com

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 8:08 PM, roger pibernat <rogerpibernat at gmail.com>wrote:

> * It looks like you've stumbled across a bug in the Flocking grunt
>> scripts. *
>> Wow, what a privilege!  Glad it helped.
> Thanks for the hints on the synth definition.
> I was trying to run it from local file.  A was about to move it to a
> server for testing but I'll give your simple server a try.  Thanks for
> alerting me on this issue, too :)
> I'll let you know about my progress.
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