[flocking-users] .set() Error: Invalid type found in ugen definition

jef.dijkman at gmail.com jef.dijkman at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 06:35:10 EDT 2014

Hello, am going round in circles and need a little bit of help with a flockingjs error message I am getting when trying to dynamically change the ugen for a synth. FireFox development mode says ‘Error: Invalid value type found in ugen definition’.

What I am trying to do is connect a Makey Makey board to various fruits and vegetables each with a different base sound. For example banana are sinOsc, carrots are triOsc etc.

I have an array of 6 synths (synthMap) with unique ids note0 to note5 i.e. 

synthMap[1] =flock.synth({
         synthDef: {
             id: 'note' + 1,

  ugen: "flock.ugen.sinOsc",

When I load the html page they are all set to banana mode and happily generating sinOsc.

I then use a html select box to try to trigger a different oscillator like triOsc on the 2nd Makey Makey alligator clip and use synthMap[1].set(‘note1.ugen’,’flock.ugen.triOsc’).  This is where FireFox shows the error ‘Error: Invalid value type found in ugen definition’ (near line 10 

Anybody any idea what I am not doing correctly .



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