[flocking-users] Node.js and OSC support for Flocking

Colin Clark colin at colinclark.org
Sat Jan 18 13:54:20 EST 2014

Hi everyone,

Flocking has had support for Node.js for about a year now. It has, up until now, been somewhat difficult to build and use. 

To address this, I’ve merged the Flocking and node-flocking repositories together so that it’s easy to build a Node.js-based application that uses Flocking. I’ve also updated the README with instructions on how to use Flocking from Node.js. All the relevant code is now here:


On Linux you’ll need ALSA’s libasound2 package installed. Flocking currently uses node-speaker as its audio backend, but I’m continuing to investigate alternatives to it. I’ve been using Flocking on Node.js for my own music over the past year, and found it workable even on very resource-constrained devices such as the Raspberry Pi (at reduced sample rates, anyway).

To accompany this improved Node.js support, I’ve also added preliminary support for receiving Open Sound Control messages in Flocking. Currently, this is restricted to Node.js-based applications, but I am working on a Web Sockets interface so that you can control in-browser synthesis using your favourite OSC controllers/apps. More detail about this in-progress work is available on the Github ticket:


Pull requests, ideas, or links to what you’re working on with these tools are always appreciated.


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