[flocking-users] WebAudio Nodes

Colin Clark colin at colinclark.org
Sun Mar 16 13:39:42 EDT 2014

On Mar 15, 2014, at 1:34 PM, Adam Tindale <adamrtindale at gmail.com> wrote:

> I forked your example and played with the compressor node in Web Audio, which is quite useful. 
> https://gist.github.com/drart/9573502

Awesome! I’m glad you got it working.

> In this case the multiple synths are wrapped up into one node of flocking and latency isn't accrued, correct? It would be if I registered more flocking nodes and put them in series, right? 

Yes, that’s correct. If you were to--in the Web Audio Islands model--interleave multiple Flocking ScriptProcessorNodes with multiple ScriptProcessorNodes, you’d likely incur increased latency. But you can have as many synths and unit generators running in a single ScriptProcessorNode without paying the cost of any more than the latency associated with processing the callback on that one node.


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