[flocking] moog VCF filter.

derek riemer Derek.Riemer at Colorado.EDU
Mon Jun 1 09:43:19 EDT 2015

What does the MOOG VCF example do? I am curious, because by changing the 
example a bit as seen in this simple piece of code yields a pleasing 
kind of song that seems to even keep time. I am not really sure why this 
actually sounds good, because by changing some of the hardcoded 
constants it can make terrible sounds, or sometimes will play for a 
minute, and then start making terrible sounds.

// A 24db low pass moog-style filter.
             var synth = flock.synth({
                 synthDef: {
                     ugen: "flock.ugen.filter.moog",
                     cutoff: {
                         ugen: "flock.ugen.lfSaw",
                         //The magic constants. If I do some other 
values but this I get a terrible wooshing sound.
                         mul: 5000,
                         add: 7000,
                     resonance: {
                         ugen: "flock.ugen.sin",
                         mul: 2.5,
                         add: 2.5
                     source: {
                         freq: {
                             ugen: "flock.ugen.sequence",
                             freq: 2,
                             loop: 1,
                             list: [220, 220 * 5/4, 220, 220 * 3/2, 220 
* 4/3, 220*3/2, 220*2, 220*4/3, 220*5/4, 220*3/4, 220, 220*7/8, 256],
                             options: {
                                 interpolation: "linear"
                     mul: 0.5


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