[flocking] How to trigger an envelope from JavaScript?

aBe abe at hamoid.com
Thu Apr 14 18:43:28 UTC 2016

Hi hi,

I'm preparing a mobile based collaborative sound installation using
Flocking, which I hope it's ready next Friday :)

I need to play sounds with fast envelopes based on JavaScript events. In
the Flocking repo I see examples for:

* Automatic regular retriggering of envelopes (custom-envelope.js, uses
lfPulse on a gate).
* Playing sounds on mouse click events.
* Using valueChangeTrigger, but that seems to be for playing buffers only.

How can I start a quick and short amplitude envelope from JavaScript,
and then keep it silent, until another event happens?

Is there something like a "valueChangeGate"?

Thank you!


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