[flocking] How to trigger an envelope from JavaScript?

Meta dystopia at feltcollective.com
Thu Apr 14 18:50:04 UTC 2016

Hello there,

I am sure someone with better understanding will answer you soon but in
the mean time can I ask for some code example and why exactly you take
this approach?
For example you could trigger multiple sounds individually, why keep one
particular sound muted but "running" using an envelop?


On 14/04/2016 21:43, aBe wrote:
> Hi hi,
> I'm preparing a mobile based collaborative sound installation using
> Flocking, which I hope it's ready next Friday :)
> I need to play sounds with fast envelopes based on JavaScript events. In
> the Flocking repo I see examples for:
> * Automatic regular retriggering of envelopes (custom-envelope.js, uses
> lfPulse on a gate).
> * Playing sounds on mouse click events.
> * Using valueChangeTrigger, but that seems to be for playing buffers only.
> How can I start a quick and short amplitude envelope from JavaScript,
> and then keep it silent, until another event happens?
> Is there something like a "valueChangeGate"?
> Thank you!
> aBe
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