Renaming the Portlet Layout Manager

Michael S Elledge elledge at
Mon Feb 18 15:21:07 UTC 2008

Fluid Module Layout Tool. It's not too elegant (Module Organizer is 
better), but it does describe its purpose and it can be extended. For 
example, it could be supplemented by a tool to organize modules by 
content (Module Content Tool) or visualization (Module Content Visualizer).


Anastasia Cheetham wrote:
> We've had some though-provoking discussions regarding just what the  
> Portlet Layout Manager/Portlet Reorderer does, and what we should call  
> it. I think the time has come to finish the discussion off and  
> finalize a new name.
> There seems to me to be two halves to the issue:
> 1) what it is that is being manipulated, and
> 2) what we call the manipulation.
> Nominations for the first half:
> Cellular
> Content
> Module
> Portlet
> Section
> Nominations for the second half:
> Reorderer
> Organizer
> Layout Tool
> Manager
> Layout Manager
> Shuffler
> Please vote on these (separately or combined) and add further  
> nominations if you have any.
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