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Thanks for a great meeting today -- I'm excited to see design pattern  

During the meeting we discussed just how much Information Architecture  
needed to be done on the Design Pattern Library.  It seems that the  
DPL has been architected pretty thoroughly and is off and running.  We  
can, of course, revisit fundamental IA, but it might be that there are  
just a few discussion items that we should kick up.

So I thought it might be useful to track back to our list of questions  
to see if there are any missing from the IA perspective that we should  
try to answer on list and discuss in our next meeting, Wed., July 16,  
2pm EDT.  From our original list http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/OSDPL+Discussion+Questions+and+Initial+Discussion 
  on the wiki I think the following might benefit from some on-list  

> 1. How does the design pattern library connect to the Fluid  
> component library, UX Toolkit, and other documentation? and other  
> Design Pattern Libraries?
> 2. How will contributors interact with the library and what will  
> they contribute?
>             those who submit their pattern
>             those who want to critique a pattern
>             those who want to use a pattern

I think these questions get us moving toward technical solutions in  
both cases -- which is great.  And I think the second question can be  
informed by some of the work that Jonathan is doing in building a  
draft governance plan for the DPL.  I'm interested in what you all  
think about these questions...


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