"Component integration" in a pattern (Was: "A Suggestion for design pattern format in the DPL")

Jonathan Hung jonathan.hung at utoronto.ca
Thu Jul 10 19:08:40 UTC 2008

 Hi Daphne.

This morning I talked to Anastasia to get her opinion about adding a section
to the design pattern that describes what an integrator must do to make a
seamless integration of the design pattern (i.e. highlighting of uploaded
files after the Uploader is dismissed - the highlighting isn't part of the
component, but is important to the pattern).

She made an excellent suggestion: put this "integration" content as part of
the "How" section and then indicate visually which points are covered by the
Fluid Component and which points need to be done by the integrator.

This makes sense. What do you think?

- Jonathan.

2008/7/5 Daphne Ogle <daphne at media.berkeley.edu>:

> This looks good.
> One section we should include is "design suggestions for integrating the
> component".  We've got this section in the Uploader and it seems clear from
> discussions at the conference that this valuable information to include in
> all our design patterns.  It's quite unique to our Fluid situation so we
> don't see it in other patterns formats.
> -Daphne

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