"Component integration" in a pattern (Was: "A Suggestion for design pattern format in the DPL")

Daphne Ogle daphne at media.berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 10 19:43:33 UTC 2008

That makes great sense to me.  It is the "how" of the design pattern  
after all.


On Jul 10, 2008, at 12:08 PM, Jonathan Hung wrote:

> Hi Daphne.
> This morning I talked to Anastasia to get her opinion about adding a  
> section to the design pattern that describes what an integrator must  
> do to make a seamless integration of the design pattern (i.e.  
> highlighting of uploaded files after the Uploader is dismissed - the  
> highlighting isn't part of the component, but is important to the  
> pattern).
> She made an excellent suggestion: put this "integration" content as  
> part of the "How" section and then indicate visually which points  
> are covered by the Fluid Component and which points need to be done  
> by the integrator.
> This makes sense. What do you think?
> - Jonathan.
> 2008/7/5 Daphne Ogle <daphne at media.berkeley.edu>:
> This looks good.
> One section we should include is "design suggestions for integrating  
> the component".  We've got this section in the Uploader and it seems  
> clear from discussions at the conference that this valuable  
> information to include in all our design patterns.  It's quite  
> unique to our Fluid situation so we don't see it in other patterns  
> formats.
> -Daphne
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