Improving Moodle usability [Google Summer of Code 2008]

Herb Wideman herb at
Thu Jul 17 19:59:25 UTC 2008

Hi Laia,

I just saw your feedback request as I've been away - as one of the 
members of our Moodle walkthrough team let me say it's great to see our 
findings being put to use by the Moodle community! To add to Colin's 
earlier comments: You may want to revise your links to our usability 
walkthrough results, as I just completed a bit of restructuring of the 
relevant Fluid Wiki pages to better parallel those related to Fluid's 
Sakai and uPortal walkthroughs - the new Wiki address best used for 
accessing both of our Moodle reports, as well as the procedures and 
scenarios we employed, is now:

Just a reminder that our walkthroughs were all conducted using version 
1.8.1 of Moodle, so of course some of the issues we have raised may have 
been resolved in v. 1.9. If you have any questions or need clarification 
regarding our findings feel free to contact me directly.

Herb Wideman
York University
herb at

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