JA-SIG Web Redesign RFP

Jonathan Markow jjmarkow at ja-sig.org
Tue Jul 22 15:53:50 UTC 2008

JA-SIG's websites have been growing for the past seven years with
essentially the same information architecture they started out with.
At this stage in our evolution as an organization, we have decided to
redesign our sites with the following goals in mind:

Create a new information architecture and website re-design that make
it much easier for users to understand what JA-SIG is and does, for
JA-SIG website maintainers to add to and edit the site's content, for
users to find the information they need, and for JA-SIG to present
itself to the world.  Scoped deliverables will also include the

- Enhancement of the JA-SIG brand and visual identity
- Design and development of new logos
- Adoption of new content management system that simplifies site maintenance
- Improved information architecture that will optimally organize
existing content and provide for new content that will help achieve
the goals  of this project.

Following a recent open requirements process, we have drafted an RFP
for this work, and we invite vendors to submit proposals prior to
August 10th.  The RFP, "JA-SIG Web Redesign RFP Final.pdf" may be
found on the following JA-SIG wiki page:

We will be asking for feedback on various design options during the
summer.  To participate in this process, subscribe to the
jasig-webpresence working group list:

Thank you,

Jonathan Markow
Executive Director

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