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Thu Jul 24 18:11:24 UTC 2008

Allison, thanks for looking over the tutorial - your feedback is very  
helpful. Comments inline below...

On 24-Jul-08, at 1:44 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:

> Perhaps you could take a quick look at this table and check off  
> things the component will definitely take care of, or things the  
> implementor would have to configure?

I will have a look, and let you know.

> I also think it would also be great to have links in the tutorials  
> to the relevant design patterns which can give more detail.

That's a great idea for this component, since it requires the  
implementor to provide all of the mark-up. And I think that some  
strategically placed links are a good idea for all of the tutorials.  
I'll look into adding some to the tutorials.

I do want to be careful, though, to keep the tutorials as simple as  
possible. I don't want to overload the reader with more than the  
minimum that they need to know to get started.

> ... Right now it seems like the Pagination Design Pattern gives  
> slightly different directions than the tutorial (e.g. for the last  
> link the design pattern recommends using "7 (last)", using "next >"  
> instead of "next," etc.).

Thanks for catching those errors in the tutorial sample - I definitely  
don't want to use examples that are counter to the design patterns!

> 1) To me, naming the div containing the pager 'my-search-results'  
> isn't entirely intuitive as it seems that the actual search results  
> are in the table above. What about naming it 'fluid-pager' or 'my- 
> pager'?

Good idea!

> 2) The sentence, "Also, when you're on the first or last link, it  
> would be nice if the 'previous' and 'next' links were disabled" I  
> think is a great example of something that could reference a design  
> pattern. I also think we can also make this statement a little more  
> strongly, e.g. "Also, when you're on the first or last link the  
> 'next' or 'previous' link should (usually) be disabled. See the  
> [Pagination Design Pattern] for more info on this."

Good points - I'll make that change.

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