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Fri Jul 25 16:22:49 UTC 2008

Hey guys,

Glad to see that we're starting to dig into the relationship between  
our tutorials and design patterns. Simple, easily digestible tutorials  
that are closely aligned with "big-picture" advice in our patterns is  
definitely the way to go.

One small thing to point out. Pager is our youngest component, and  
it's functionality is really limited at the moment. Future releases of  
it will do a lot more heavy lifting for the implementor, but right now  
it's just a skeleton. We'll want to make sure that the design pattern  
stays in sync with the growth and evolution of the component over time.


On 24-Jul-08, at 2:11 PM, Anastasia Cheetham wrote:

> Allison, thanks for looking over the tutorial - your feedback is very
> helpful. Comments inline below...
> On 24-Jul-08, at 1:44 PM, Allison Bloodworth wrote:
>> Perhaps you could take a quick look at this table and check off
>> things the component will definitely take care of, or things the
>> implementor would have to configure?
> I will have a look, and let you know.
>> I also think it would also be great to have links in the tutorials
>> to the relevant design patterns which can give more detail.
> That's a great idea for this component, since it requires the
> implementor to provide all of the mark-up. And I think that some
> strategically placed links are a good idea for all of the tutorials.
> I'll look into adding some to the tutorials.
> I do want to be careful, though, to keep the tutorials as simple as
> possible. I don't want to overload the reader with more than the
> minimum that they need to know to get started.
>> ... Right now it seems like the Pagination Design Pattern gives
>> slightly different directions than the tutorial (e.g. for the last
>> link the design pattern recommends using "7 (last)", using "next >"
>> instead of "next," etc.).
> Thanks for catching those errors in the tutorial sample - I definitely
> don't want to use examples that are counter to the design patterns!
>> 1) To me, naming the div containing the pager 'my-search-results'
>> isn't entirely intuitive as it seems that the actual search results
>> are in the table above. What about naming it 'fluid-pager' or 'my-
>> pager'?
> Good idea!
>> 2) The sentence, "Also, when you're on the first or last link, it
>> would be nice if the 'previous' and 'next' links were disabled" I
>> think is a great example of something that could reference a design
>> pattern. I also think we can also make this statement a little more
>> strongly, e.g. "Also, when you're on the first or last link the
>> 'next' or 'previous' link should (usually) be disabled. See the
>> [Pagination Design Pattern] for more info on this."
> Good points - I'll make that change.
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