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Wed Apr 15 12:21:01 UTC 2009

That was satisfying. The jump links are conveniently located on the  
right hand side of the page and styled in a way that they don't  
distract from the main flow of content.

Thanks for passing it along.

On 14-Apr-09, at 7:59 PM, Eli Cochran wrote:

> Folks,
> I stumbled on an interesting design today for chunking or paging  
> content on a scrolling page. Puzzling at first but then very  
> satisfying.
> Most blogging sites and many news sites use long scrolling pages to  
> display article after article. Treehugger, an "all things green"  
> blog, has chunked their content into content blocks no taller than  
> 600 pixels. Along the side of the page they label each block with a  
> number (x of y) and a link that lets you jump to the next chunk  
> (Click to Jump). Blocks contain a whole article, or an excerpt, but  
> no block is larger than 600px tall, except a single ad on each page  
> which is still labeled but is shorter (more about that below).
> As I said, puzzling at first. But then I found that I could very  
> easily navigate through the whole page, one chunk at a time, using  
> the jump links. I never even had to move my mouse since the jump  
> link always showed up in the same spot after each jump. And when I  
> sized my browser viewport to 600 pixels tall, I could navigate the  
> page cleanly using the page up and down keys.
> Except when I came to an ad. The ads still had the jump link but the  
> ad blocks were smaller (by half) than the content blocks. Annoying  
> for me since I had to move my mouse or reset my the scroll to use  
> the paging keys. But brilliant for the advertiser as the ad is then  
> on screen for a moment longer and has more of a chance to be seen.  
> And as I said, only one ad per page, hardly a big annoyance.
> Try it. See what you think.
> - Eli
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