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Wed Jan 21 20:25:38 UTC 2009

Thanks for the information Michelle.

Please see comments below

- Justin

On 21-Jan-09, at 2:13 PM, michelle.dsouza at wrote:

> Another point that was made by the panel is that when we remove some
> forms of communication, like large documents and specs, we must
> replace them with other forms of communication. This means inserting
> ourselves into each other's processes. In our case, developers and
> test plan writers should go to design walkthrough meetings and
> designers should be involved during the implementation and testing
> phases of their designs.

This is something I had actually been thinking of recently.

When I am writing test plans I'm often consulting the design specs or  
speaking with the designers about the proper behaviour of the  
component. Being at design meetings would help that.

During large testing times such as before a release, I'm often hunting  
for people to help me test. As we expand to more components and  
support an increasing number of configurations that need for testing  
help increases. (We currently support 15 browser/OS configurations,  
Uploader has 30 when you factor in Flash 10 and Flash 9). I had been  
thinking that it would be good to have the designers help test the  
components they are working on. They would have the best knowledge of  
what the behaviour should be and would be able to spot areas where the  
design may need to be tweaked or isn't being met. Also they could find  
problems with the testing protocol that may otherwise be missed. 

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