jQuery performance in IE7

Lovemore Nalube lovenalube at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 07:15:57 UTC 2009

Hi guys

As some of you know, UCT is trying to improve the UI of the Evaluations tool
within Sakai by using Web2 methods. Techniques such as inline editors will
eventually be incorporated.

I've reached a stage in which the preliminary phase nears completion,
however when testing the UI in IE7, there is a huge performance overhead.
FF3 seems to hold the load quite easily. In a nutshell what freezes the
browser is trying to filter through a response object to get elements that
exist within and then show these on the UI. Has anyone ever had issues with
jQuery performance/freezing the browser like this?

I invite you to checkout the code at
https://source.sakaiproject.org/contrib/uct/evaluation-pilot08-UI. The page
with the new UI is *Evaluations dashboard* > *My Templates* > *Edit Template

Kind regards

Lovemore Nalube
Online Learning Environments Developer
Centre for Educational Technology
University of Cape Town

/* Work Email: lovemore.nalube at uct.ac.za
/* Cell: 076 186 1244
/* GTalk: lovenalube at gmail.com
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