dropbox - sorry, but is this appropiate for the list? [EOM]

Justin justin.obara at utoronto.ca
Thu Jan 29 16:14:15 UTC 2009

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the list of your setup.

I agree, we use SVN here for development and that is definitely a much  
better system for that. Also your apache setup sounds interesting. I  
know some of the devs here run servers on their machines, not sure if  
they are linked to svn though.

For me the drop box will allow me to transfer experimental code that I  
don't want to commit to sandbox yet. By experimental I mean that I'm  
just learning how something works. When I have a goal for it, I will  
move it to the sandbox. A likely scenario for me would be when  
testing. For example with our uploader component I have a set of test  
files that I can attempt to upload. Rather than having to transfer or  
recreating them on each machine I will be able to drop them in and  
grab them in the other location. Also when testing a release I will be  
able to just manually download the bundle once and have access to it  

Another possible use for others, not me yet, would be to use it for  
documents. It is supposed to do version control so even if you are  
doing it yourself you will be able to keep a record of the various  
versions. Kind of like svn for your docs I guess.


On 29-Jan-09, at 11:02 AM, J.Fine wrote:

> Hello Justin
> Thank you for the explanation.  The JavaScript files I write are  
> stored
> on a SVN server on the Internet (Google code as it happens).  This
> provides all the access I need for committed files.
> For development I've found it really useful to run Apache on my Linux
> machine (where I code) and to symlink from the http docs to the SVN
> sandbox where I program.
> This allows me to test my work on my Windows laptop before committing.
> The above setup gives me all the remote access I need for my  
> JavaScript
> development, and so for that purpose I won't be needing dropbox.  I'm
> sure it does have other uses.
> Best regards
> Jonathan
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>> Hi Jonathan,
>> I'm assuming you think that I am trying to sell the dropbox product,
>> but I actually work for Fluid and am proposing it as a productivity
>> tool for people.
>> Basically for me it looks like it will be quite helpful. I have 4
>> machines 2 or which are mac, one is a vista pc, and the other dual
>> boots in win xp and ubuntu 8.10. This will help me to have access to
>> files across all of those machines with little effort on my part to
>> maintain them. Additionally if I am offsite I'll still have access to
>> those files.
>> Others may need this sort of functionality as well.
>> If you meant something else, please feel free to let me know.
>> Thanks
>> Justinnd (SC 038302).
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