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Dear All:

We recently received good news from MEDI regarding our allocation for 2012-2013: we will be receiving the $1,511,777 that we requested.

Just to recap, the Ministry recently implemented a cap on all Ontario Research Funds. They are now requesting “an accurate and up-to-date forecast.”  In preparing these forecasts there are a few things to note:

1.      At this point it is essential that the forecasts for this current fiscal year and next fiscal year be as accurate as possible.

2.      These forecasts will also be used to begin discussions of notional allocations for next fiscal year (2013/14). The program cap will remain at approximately the same annual level for the immediate future and you will most likely not see a significant change in your institutional allocation in the upcoming years.

In order to meet our planning deadlines, we require these forecasts as soon as possible or by Friday, October 12 at the latest.

We will be following up with you all very shortly regarding your forecasts. Please note that the CFI portion of our funding has not changed, and that we need to look at spending 100% of the forecasted amount not just the MEDI portion.  It is absolutely essential that we meet this allocation considering no carry over will be allowed. In preparing your forecast, please do not overstate the forecast.



Jane Burns, Ph.D.
Manager, Research
OCAD University
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Subject: [Idi-steering-committee] teleconference call re: MEDI ORF-RI Notional Allocation OCADU
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Good Morning IDI Steering Committee

I would like to check in on your availability for a teleconference call.
Only 1 representative from each institution is required to participate.

The proposed dates/times are:

Tuesday July 17th @ 12:30
Wednesday July 18th @ 12:30

→please reply promptly with your preference/availability

It is expected the duration of the teleconference will be approximately 30 minutes and will be a Bell teleconference line - details to follow
I am attaching the email below to provide context as to what will be discussed.

I look forward to your reply,

Research Grants & Contracts Officer
Research & Graduate Studies
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F 416-977-6006
E fbower at ocadu.ca<mailto:fbower at ocadu.ca>


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Cc: Franklin, Tim (MRI)
Subject: MEDI ORF-RI Notional Allocation OCADU

Dear Dr. Diamond,

As you are aware, the Ontario Research Fund (ORF) program budgets were capped in the 2012 Budget. To manage this situation going forward MEDI is providing each institution with an annual allocation for their portfolio of Research Infrastructure and Research Excellence projects.   It is incumbent on institutions to manage the work in their portfolio to meet this allocation.

Initial notional institutional allocations for Research Infrastructure and Research Excellence were determined using methods established in discussion with the ORF Working Group (comprised of members recommended by OCUR and CAHO).  The method used to determine the initial Research Infrastructure notional allocations is attached (see Allocation Determination tab).

Your institution’s initial notional allocation for fiscal year 2012-13 (April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013) Research Infrastructure is:


Please review the Instructions tab in the attached file and provide your input to MEDI as soon as possible, or by Friday July 27 at the latest, regardless of whether you are requesting an adjustment or not.

Also in the attached excel file is a spreadsheet that outlines the current status of each ORF-RI project, questions for your consideration and space for you to update a multi-year profile of the projects in your ORF-RI portfolio and. Please review the information for accuracy.

In addition, please consider the following:
§  An official, formal Letter of Direction will be sent in early August to finalize your initial allocation.
§  In the Fall, as part of the ORF Cap process, there will be an opportunity to request an adjustment to your FY 2012-13 annual allocation. Institutions will also have an opportunity to mutually agree to “swap” allocation amounts they cannot use.  The specific details of these allocation adjustment procedures are currently in discussion with the ORF Working Group.
§  Prior to this FY 2012-13 adjustment opportunity, a multi-year forecast will be requested that will be used to determine the initial notional allocations for FY 2013-14.

Previously you had been asked to hold off on submitting RfPs. Now that you are aware of your approximate allocation please feel free to resume submitting RfPs.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter and I look forward to our continued collaboration.


Allison Barr | Director
Research Branch | Research, Commercialization & Entrepreneurship Division
Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation
56 Wellesley Street West, 7th Floor, Toronto M7A 2E7
T: 416 212-6990 | F: 416 314-8224
allison.barr at ontario.ca<mailto:allison.barr at ontario.ca>

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