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Sat Oct 13 00:37:45 UTC 2018

Hello Co-Designers!

Thank you for your response to our callout and for being willing to provide feedback on the platform.coop <http://platform.coop/> site.

Gathering your feedback through the following questions is the first step in our co/re-design process, and we appreciate your input. 

For those of you who have already provided feedback - thank you!

Please reply directly to this email, responding to the following questions:

1. Based on your experience, what are the most important functions/features of a website for the platform coop community? In other words, what do you want/expect to be able to find and/or do on the site?

2. How do you use the existing website to engage with others in the coop community, if at all? 

3. Describe some activities or ways of connecting with others through the new site that you would like to see incorporated.

4. What features of the existing site do you find useful?

5. What is the most important change needed on the existing website?

6. Are there any websites that you find particularly engaging and useful? What are the specific features and/or design characteristics that you like and why?

Best regards,


Dana Ayotte
Senior Inclusive Designer
Inclusive Design Research Centre
OCAD University
www.idrc.ocad.ca <http://www.idrc.ocad.ca/>
www.ocadu.ca <http://www.ocadu.ca/>

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