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Lucas Huber lh at cooby.io
Mon Oct 22 17:48:40 UTC 2018

Thank you Trebor for the connections. Looking forward to talk with Colin and Michelle.

BTW the Cooby Agent Portal can also serve as sharetribe like marketplace.

This link shows the actual build state of our agent portal frontend.

The Cooby Cloud is build upon kubernetes and Rancher and highly scalable. 

Lucas Huber

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Am 22. Oktober 2018 15:44:35 MESZ schrieb Trebor Scholz <scholzt at newschool.edu>:
>Hi Colin, Lucas, Michelle,
>Please meet and talk soon.
>As part of the Kit, we had talked about using a cooperative cloud,
>dependence on Amazon Cloud Services, etc. Cooby.io is open source and
>well be a good collaborator for this project.
>Lucas Huber (Cooby co-founder)
>Colin Clark (software lead for the PC Development Kit at the IDRC)
>Michelle D'Souza (senior developer for the Kit, also at the IDRC)
>~ Trebor
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