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Trebor Scholz scholzt at newschool.edu
Wed Sep 5 11:48:11 UTC 2018

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Date: Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 3:56 AM
Subject: letter from Lithuania regarding PC in social care /health sectors
in Lithunia" Silver wave"
To: Trebor Scholz <scholzt at newschool.edu>
CC: Gintaras Grachauskas <eurasiahub at gmail.com>

Dear Trebor,

thank you for your respond on Tweeter.

I guest our project  -  www.silver-wave.eu     is one of few initiatives in
Eastern Europe trying to adress increasing demand on care and healthcare
services in Eastern Europe via creating  platform coops as a organisation
tools for both sides: caregivers/ nurses  and careseekers/ patients.

Myself I've prepared 2 years ago for Lithuania Gov. strategy " Adapting
Lithuania socium to the aging societies challanges". Based on this strategy
I managed to achieve, that Lithuania Gov. include in the own Strategical
Action Plan an obligation  "setting up  care and healthcare coop's in
Lithuania" ( IT IS UNIQUE GOVENMENT OBLIGATION between the European
Goverments ).
Then I went to Lithuania Ministry of Health to fascilitate the
implementation of this OBLIGATION by public sector and ruling party to the
society in my country....but after 2 years of fight I must state :   I
didn't managed to convince  the politicians to keep the social contract -
implement THEYR STRATEGICAL ACTION PLAN:) in coops...they sabotaged this

Having this situation I'm organizing on private base caregivers and
careseekers  platform  coop's ( PC) incubator - " Silver wave".

I've tried to get platform technology to organize and manage " SIlver wave"
in form of  joint venture " ready to use" platforms. I contacted such
operating on the care market platforms:
> www.carelinx.com
> www.care.com
> and 20 others

They asked me for the platform technology payment in advance from 0,35-1
mln. USD and 20% of transactions via platform:)

As a non-profite project we have no such funds, there are no fundations and
charities in the country and the polititians cuted off the project from the
public funds seeing such project as peril in the power balance between
active society groups and political and economical ellite.


Will be possible to make in cooperation with Germany PC Consortium using
PC  Consortium Kit (  platform) a pilot /best practice sample for Eastern
Europe in employng PC for care and healt issues?

Friendly regards from Lithuania,

Gintaras Grachauskas
Kriviu 48 <https://maps.google.com/?q=Kriviu+48&entry=gmail&source=g>-28
Vilnius, LT-01209
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