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Hi Michael,

Here you go:


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Hi team,

Can we add these to the wiki page<https://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Meeting+Notes+-+Platform+Cooperative+Development+Toolkit> compiling all the meeting notes?

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Hi Trebor,
Here are Colin’s notes and photos. He hasn’t turned it into a narrative. If you like I can turn it into narrative.


 Our meeting in Illinois was a hands-on design brainstorming session, so we were all pretty occupied with group work. Our group consisted of two childcare givers, several staff members from SEIU-HCII, and a few participants from the ICA. The emphasis that emerged for the CoRise platform was something that could support childcare workers with the onerous paperwork and bureaucracy related to licensing and subsidies.

My various notes from meetings and conversations about CoRise are included below. I also included some photos from the session. Hopefully they'll help with your narrative.


CoRise Cooperative—owned and controlled by family childcare providers

childcare deserts - for every 3 children, there is only one childcare spot

highly regulated yet underfunded-low pay ($15k, no benefits; long hours 67 hours/week)

onboarding—what is a coop, what is this coop? reminders and notifications for compliance—to address the huge barrier to renewals of licensing, etc.

tech-enabled forum for caregåivers to connect—share knowledge/tips/supplies/events

carina care- labour backed non-profit backing service in washington state for matching caregivers — Carina will build CoRise's marketing plan and share their marketplace software

major funder is citibank community development fund

looking at free real estate from the city of chicago for building pre-zoned care spaces for the cooperative

"the money point is really hard for people—the system is underfunded and yet they still don't get their money on time"

Technology to streamline administrative requirements for providers

Predictable payments—this would be an intermediary between payment providers
so for example, CoRise takes out a line of credit to bridge payments to providers

Sept. 21 deadline—wants feedback from us on technical plan, contributions

Interns did a comparison of all subsidized caregiving forms that people have to fill out—including parents and providers
a lot of common information across these forms and that are consistent year over year

Create a database that populates the information, and reminders to fill it out
All of the paperwork is super burdensome

Carina is going to do the marketing website
timeline and cost for their services for creating a customized marketing for providers
matching parents to providers
they started off as a two-sided marketplace, but now eight-sided including employers, admin
Carina's current platform is probably pretty translatable to CoRise's needs

All technology will need to be integrated—paperwork with marketplace, etc.

A member management database might be common across all cooperatives
and these forms could feed into that member management system
based on CiviCRM?
"i'm open to civicrm, but i'm not going to fix it up myself, i need a designer"

Greg Brodsky - "if you build something reusable, we'll use it"

Looked at WorkIt app

Interested in asynchronous communication
credit people for their contribution—you gave a lot to the knowledge base, forums, etc.

CCA Global — what do they start with? Greg might be a good person to talk to, might be open to sharing CCA Global's IP


Colin Clark
Lead Software Architect,
Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University

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