[platform-coop-dev-kit] Color scheme

Trebor Scholz scholzt at newschool.edu
Thu Apr 4 20:27:04 UTC 2019

Dear team,

We wanted to briefly follow-up on our call today.

The organization of the information on the site works really well. Thank
you for your hard work on that. Thanks, too, for patiently guiding us
through this process.

We have thought more about our discussion and still strongly believe that
we should make the color changes that we had requested.

We should let go of the tree-green as the major color element of the site.

For the color blocks at the bottom, let's exchange it out for the *mint
cool* (#203131).

The horizontal pull-down bars such as on the People page can simply be
black on a white or gray background (avoiding the green as much as

And we should limit the other number of colors used as much as possible,
too. We’d not add more colors that we don't use elsewhere in the Call to
Action section or as backgrounds for images. We’d keep it simple.

Getting this right is so important to us.

This is the dress of the Platform Co-op Development Kit, you might say,
that we are wearing for the ball. First impressions really matter. Visual
design matters a great deal.

The dominance of the tree-green is logic but it evokes a forestry website.
We really hope we can make these adjustments before releasing it.

The color-branding of the site, which is also the home of the PCC and ICDE,
should be something we all feel comfortable with, and as it stands now, the
color does not feel right.


Trebor & Michael
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