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Hi ​Trebor and Brita, nice to hear from you - and that there's progress on
Perma.cc adoption there.

I'm not hugely familiar with Zotero and its export, but Perma supports
'batch link creation': you can copy and paste in a list of line separated
URLs and it will automatically go through the list, creating an archive +
Perma Link for each.

Hm-do you have an NYT article as an example? I know given the
particularities of certain sites, some will have their articles spread over
several pages and Perma doesn't have the ability to know to page through
the article, depending on the website. In some cases, Perma-ing the "print
view" of the page will let you view - and archive - it in full.

We're also integrating some new technology ove the next couple of months
that may also include an automatic scroll-and-archive feature, depending on
the page in question that's being captured.

Thanks and talk to you soon,


On Fri, 1 Feb at 8:13 PM , Scholzt <scholzt at newschool.edu> wrote:
Dear Brett,

Brita Servaes is investigating if The New School can commit to Perma.cc

We expect a positive answer but have not heard back yet.

In the meantime, one of our research assistants started to enter a large
number of needed resources into Zotero.

Our software lead asked us to use Zotero as that has a good export feature.

Eventually, we hope to get the citations out of Zotero and into Perma.cc

Can that be easily done?

And specifically, does Perma.cc crawl pages?
Let’s say we list a NYT articles that runs on for several pages.

Does Perma.cc follow those links to the next page or does it merely archive
page 1?


On Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 3:13 PM Perma.cc Support <info at perma.cc> wrote:

> Thank you, Trebor - Brita, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any
> questions about Perma, how it works, or how to set it up to offer those at
> the New School. (We're just about to hit 1 million citations that
> universities, courts and non-profits have kept from rotting by using Perma!)
> ​-Brett
> On Wed, 9 Jan at 1:57 PM , Scholzt <scholzt at newschool.edu> wrote:
> Dear Brett Johnson,
> I am forwarding your message to Brita Servaes, one of The New School
> librarians.
> Best,
> Trebor Scholz
> On Wed, Jan 9, 2019 at 1:17 PM Perma.cc Support <info at perma.cc> wrote:
>> Hi Trebor,
>> Great to hear from you, thanks for reaching out! As faculty/staff at an
>> academic institution, you and The New School can receive no-limit
>> organizational Perma.cc accounts, ensuring your cited links are protected
>> from link/reference rot.
>> ​Perma doesn't charge academic institutions for the service, meaning it
>> can be added at no cost to the suite of tools that the New School library
>> offers to its students and scholars.
>> To get the ball rolling, we just need a person at the New School who will
>> serve as the local 'registrar' /  point of contact for those at the New
>> School who are interested in using Perma. In the off-chance you know
>> someone in the digital or reference areas of the library (
>> https://library.newschool.edu/about.php#fndtn-panel2-2) who would fit
>> for this, let me know! Otherwise, if you can let someone you're in contact
>> with at the library reach out to us, we can let them know the
>> straightforward process of getting The New School on to Perma.
>> Thanks and talk to you soon!
>> Brett Johnson
>> Harvard Law Library
>> Perma.cc
> 3798:620085
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