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Ayotte, Dana dayotte at ocadu.ca
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Hi All,

A reminder that we’ll meet tomorrow, Oct 7 at 8am PDT / 11am EDT / 4pm BST.

Last time we met we used the New School’s Zoom account but I’m not sure they will be attending, so how about we meet on Skype?

Emma and Kate if that works for you please send me your Skype id’s.



On Sep 6, 2019, at 1:15 AM, Emma Back <emma at equalcare.coop<mailto:emma at equalcare.coop>> wrote:

Hi Dana

This is absolutely brilliant and very comprehensive, thank you. We shall do our reading and be in touch with a more detailed response.

Looking forward to catching up again on the 7th and I'm hoping we'll have some co-design dates in by then for our care workers.

Very best

On Fri, 6 Sep 2019 at 04:45, Ayotte, Dana <dayotte at ocadu.ca<mailto:dayotte at ocadu.ca>> wrote:
Dear Kate and Emma,

It was great to meet and talk with you last week.  Hoping this email will help to clarify our objectives and define our next steps.

As we discussed in our meeting we think the best way we can work together will be to support you in a co-design process that will help you to understand and gather the needs and requirements of Equal Care coop members, particularly in relation to the tool hub that we talked about. I’m attaching some information related to our co-design process, though it sounds like you have a lot of experience and have established your own approaches. It will be great to discuss how we might be able to merge our approaches and activities to best fit with your needs and context.

We can also support the process of researching and recommending existing tools that might meet your needs, and help you to understand the technical requirements for how you might integrate existing tools into your workflow.

In the meantime I wanted to share some of the questions we’ve been grappling with in relation to the dashboard/hub and data autonomy:

  *   How do you design metrics and data tracking in such a way that it encourages collaboration?
  *   How do you avoid the divisive competition that often results?
  *   How do you support challenging yourself, for example, without engendering the feeling that you are being judged (from above or by other team members)?
  *   How do you avoid telling only the part of the story that singles people out and fails to reflect the circumstances of the anomalous numbers?
  *   If the goal of the data monitoring is to increase efficiency, how do you avoid nudging people to bypass the “difficult” clients?
  *   Are there ways of capturing measures, monitoring measures, and using the measures to make decisions within the workplace that don’t look and feel like the corrosive form of surveillance management we hear about in places like Amazon fulfillment?
  *   Are there things we can design into the data system that can help to encourage collaboration and a cooperative ethos, or is that dependent on what is done with the data system and beyond our control?

You’ll find links and an attachment below that describe the co-design approach we’ve been taking on this project. Again, these can be modified or merged or ignored depending on what makes sense in your context!

We look forward to meeting with you again on Oct 7.  In the meantime please don’t hesitate to send us any questions or concerns. And if anything here doesn’t match your recollection of what we agreed to and discussed on the call please let me know!

All the best,


The attached word doc is a rather long and detailed document that we were required to prepare for our Research Ethics Board. Please focus on Section 4.0 and Section 5.0 for information related to preparing for a co-design session.

The following provides an example of co-design session activities:

And notes from our meeting:


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