[platform-coop-dev-kit] Meeting follow-up, co-design information and next steps

Ayotte, Dana dayotte at ocadu.ca
Mon Oct 28 19:46:56 UTC 2019

Hi Jordi,

We’re excited to hear that you have planned the co-design sessions! We would like to set up a meeting beforehand with you and with Pere Barnola and any others who might be involved in facilitating the sessions so that we can provide input into your plan, to ensure that the outcomes of the session will be something we can build on for the Development Kit. Would it be possible for you to meet at 4pm or 5pm CET this Thursday Oct 31 or at 5pm CET early next week, Monday or Tuesday? In the meantime do you have any activities descriptions, agenda or session plan that you could share with us?

Please find attached a form for you to fill out for international money transfer, which will allow us to send you the funds allotted to the co-design process.

Regarding the conference, my co-workers Cheryl Li and Ned Zimmerman will be attending and are hosting a co-design session related to the project that we really hope you can attend! Some of our other project partners will also be involved. You’ll find more information at the following links. If you do plan to attend, please just let us know, you do not need to register as we will hold a spot for you!


Best regards,


On Oct 27, 2019, at 10:24 AM, Jordi Picas i Vila <jordipicasv at suara.coop<mailto:jordipicasv at suara.coop>> wrote:

Dear Dana,

I hope you are having a good time.

We are quite excited about the project.

I will like to share with you that the co-design sessions will be on November 12th and 14th from 15:30 to 18:30 with a group of 10 people sharing experience and knowledge.

Pere Barnola from United Virtualities  https://weareuv.com/  it will help us with the co-design sessions and the tech part of the project.

After the sessions, we will call you and share the work.

I hope will meet you in NY November 7-9 in the conference the state of platform cooperativism and the rest of the team project.

Do you know if other partners from the project will participate?

Let me know if you have any questions


[http://signatura.suara.coop/Images/suara.png]  Jordi Picas i Vilà
Direcció Innovació

C. Sancho de Ávila , 52-58,1er
08018 Barcelona<https://www.google.es/maps/place/C.+Sancho+de+%C3%81vila+,+52-58,+08018+Barcelona>
[http://signatura.suara.coop/Images/icona_telefon.png]  932.547.690     [http://signatura.suara.coop/Images/icona_mobil.png]    617.473.203

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[http://signatura.suara.coop/Images/icona_email.png]    jordipicasv at suara.coop<mailto:jordipicasv at suara.coop>
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Missatge de Ayotte, Dana <dayotte at ocadu.ca<mailto:dayotte at ocadu.ca>> del dia dc., 25 de set. 2019 a les 21:20:
Hi Jordi,

We are happy to hear that you are planning to go ahead with co-design!

You do not need to sign any collaboration agreements.

We have $4000 USD in funds that we can provide to support the co-design process. I am just waiting to confirm the details of the transfer and will send you more information as soon as possible.

Please do let us know if you have any questions.

Best regards,


On Sep 19, 2019, at 10:56 PM, Jordi Picas i Vila <jordipicasv at suara.coop<mailto:jordipicasv at suara.coop>> wrote:

Dear Dana,

thank you very much for the notes.

We are interested in the co-design process. We have arranged a meeting in a couple of weeks with the computer programmer
and we are organizing the working groups. I hope during octubre we will have this work done with the first skills.

We will be informed of the process that we are following and If I have any doubt I will make the contact.

I would like to know that if we are part of the project, we must sign some collaboration agreements.

Best regards !

Jordi Picas Vilà
Director d' innovació

suara cooperativa
Carrer de Sancho de Àvila 52-58, 1r

08018 Barcelona

Tel. 93.2547690

Tel. 617473203

jordipicasv at suara.coop<mailto:jordipicasv at suara.coop>

Missatge de Ayotte, Dana <dayotte at ocadu.ca<mailto:dayotte at ocadu.ca>> del dia dt., 17 de set. 2019 a les 6:33:
Hello Jordi,

We wanted to follow up after our call last week to check in. Have you had a chance to consider whether or not you wish to proceed with the co-design process?

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

And please find the notes from our last meeting here<https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mHFTKhp1vVfsYHs2Eu5Yr1GXYEgviSy08lc_LBs0eqg/edit?usp=sharing>.

Best regards,


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