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Tony Atkins tony at raisingthefloor.org
Thu Oct 23 04:33:22 EDT 2014

Hi, All:

Yubikey obviously realized that many people would be concerned and
published an article regarding BadUSB:


In short, they are not an attack vector, as their firmware cannot be
rewritten.  However, given that there are definitely other devices that can
take advantage of the vulnerability, I would assume that lab maintainers
might still hesitate to allow users to use a USB port at all.



On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 10:24 AM, Tony Atkins <tony at raisingthefloor.org>

> Hi, Gregg:
> Thanks for sharing the link.  This sounds like the kind of thing that
> should be supported if it gains traction, but is not something we can
> exclusively rely on, as it does not work at all for mobile. RFID and NFC
> are a much better choice there.
> I'm also wondering how much lab maintainers are concerned about "bad USB":
> https://srlabs.de/badusb/
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuruzFqMgIw
> If this gains traction in the wild, I would not be surprised if public
> stations (one of our key use cases) limit access to USB ports to their
> users until there are stronger safeguards.  Again, having a trusted NFC
> reader installed by the lab owner is a better option here than allowing
> arbitrary USB devices.
> For wider adoption, given that nearly all computers do not come with NFC
> or RFID readers, cheap and easy to use USB devices that we can build on top
> of are worth considering, especially since they already have a node module
> to handle the authentication:
> https://www.npmjs.org/package/yub
> Has anyone purchased one of these to try out?  They're around the same
> price as a low-end NFC ring, so it's not unreasonable to just get one and
> do a bit of research.
> Cheers,
> Tony
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