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Dear all,
I apologize for the early email without message.Below are the messages I’m sharing with you.

1)   I propose the change from Youth at risk to youth at margins or outliers of the learning and education programmes and systems.The changes are in 
       the green colour under the introduction of the social Justice theme on the wiki page.Below are the details.

> Introduction of the Social Justice repair Kit.
> The goal of the Social Justice Repair Kit project is to support youth at the margins or outliers of learning and education programmes and systems  especially those  who have learning differences to re-engage in education through an inclusively designed social justice platform that integrates authentic project-based learning. Called the “Social Justice Repair Kit”, the platform will be openly available to any group (or individual) hosting youth movements, youth action events and social justice movements. The platform will add extensibility, collaboration support and organizational support for all participants in social justice or youth action groups. For youth with identified and unidentified learning differences, the Kit will add inclusive design supports to remove barriers 
> Defining Youth at margins or outliers are youth with learning differences whose needs are not fully addressed in the design and implementation of the mass learning and education programmes for all.
> The project provides a platform to raise the voices and the needs of the youth with learning difference,facilitate exchange of knowledge and learning on how to design inclusive learning and education programmes that responds appropriately to the needs of all learners.
> Platform will be available for youth,youth movements,policy makers,designers of learning and education curriculum ,teachers and schools and others interested .
Reasons for change
The Language of youth at margins or outliers is an inclusive design language that clearly closes for inclusion and participation of those at the margins or outliers.Youth  at risk is too broad and general.To me it assumes all youth have the same risks.

I accompanied the definition or description of youth at margins or outliers to clearly make it clear .

2)    I also suggest that indirectly the project will target designers of education and learning curriculums ,policy makers and others.We expand the
        target groups from the youth with learning difference,youth movements to include others.

3) Feedback mechanism on the new website
    I suggest the design of the inclusive designed feedback mechanism linked to the website.link on interactive feedback mechanism linked to sms or telephone messages .Messages from the phone are sent and received on the website on the specific topic .

4) Translation in different languages
    Integrating softwares that translates into easy to read format and languages such as spanish,Swahili,French etc.I know this has been discussed but just to remind ourselves.

I will continue to review and i will give my feedback 

Thanks to Alan, Dana and to you all for the good progressive work.

Have a nice weekend and I look forward talking to you next week\

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