(SJRK) Involving youth and youth groups in our Oct 13 meeting

James Aniyamuzaala jamesani09 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 3 13:29:23 UTC 2017

Hi Dana,
Thanks alot for sharing the outcomes of the meeting.

Following up on the suggestions for the agenda, i suggest that we need a
session to talk about SJTK project especially in terms of the timeline and
reviewing how far we have progressed and way forward in terms of achieving
project goals.Since the project is targeting different regions,it will be
good to understand the progress in differnet project regions ,Columbia,
Rwanda, Canada etc
This will provide a foundation on how we can colloborate effectively and
learn from each other in terms of moving forward.

I have copied Bahati Satir ,Executive director UWEZO youth Rwanda who will
mobilise youth in Rwanda to follow the twitter.However i suggest that there
should be a connection on all social media plateform such as facebook
,whatsup etc to enable youth have choice on which plateform to use in terms
of responding to the discussion .If have a communication/public relations
staff or team within IDRC,they can help with a coordination of this
activity.We can also suggest to have skype call meetings with some of the
youth directly from countries during the session .I can arrange a skype
call meeting with Mr  Bahati to share some experiences from Rwanda.

I look forward meeting you all next week ,see you soon.

Aniyamuzaala James Rwampigi.
Humanitarian professional & Researcher on;
Accessibility,Disability Rights, Age, Diversity & Inclusion
Schadinagasse,10/24,1170 Vienna,Austria .
P.O Box 16725 Kampala, Tel:256712641557, +436607239375.

On Mon, Oct 2, 2017 at 11:39 PM, Ayotte, Dana <dayotte at ocadu.ca> wrote:

> Hi All,
> At our partners meeting last week we talked about what we want to do
> together on Oct 13. One thing we discussed was the possibility of including
> young folks and youth groups in our meeting discussion somehow, in order to
> hear directly from them about their needs and the gaps that they are
> currently experiencing.
> Some of the questions that came up were
>    - who should we invite?
>    - how do we get them to the meeting?
>       - can we bring them in remotely?
>       - can we create video or audio recordings ahead of time that we can
>       watch/listen to during our meeting?
>    - can we come up with a quick way to submit challenges to SJRK?
>       - we could use Twitter with the #sojustrepairit hashtag and
>       encourage folks to tweet “here is the problem, try to fix it”
> Personally, I’d love to get the Twitter campaign happening! We would need
> your support in spreading the word to the youth groups that you are working
> with, and we’d have to get started quickly.
> Does anyone have any other ideas about how we could engage them in our
> meeting?
> You’ll find the notes from the last meeting in the google doc here:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wMDoBFxnYrzzlYCFkwgefXnRusFcP
> -fi9DiLwa9nfw0/edit?usp=sharing
> Thanks,
> Dana
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