(SJRK) Appreciation

James Aniyamuzaala jamesani09 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 17:20:28 UTC 2017

Hi Prof Jutta and IDRC team,
Thanks for the DEEP conference and Partners' meeting .
It was a pleasure sharing and learning from DEEP conference and SJTK
project partners.
I have arrived safely in Vienna Austria and i look forward continuing to
work together to make the World a better place for all.

Have a nice week.

Aniyamuzaala James Rwampigi.
Humanitarian professional & Researcher on;
Accessibility,Disability Rights, Age, Diversity & Inclusion
Schadinagasse,10/24,1170 Vienna,Austria .
P.O Box 16725 Kampala, Tel:256712641557, +436607239375.
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