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Very nice flyer! 

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I love it 😍 

Sílvia M. 

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See below. 
Are there any edits to this? 



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Hi Jutta, I hope this note finds you well! 
Attached is a draft of the layout of Oak LDP’s annual report. It’s still a draft—the photos aren’t fully finalized and other materials need to be added, but the section on the Guardians/SJRK should be close to complete. Can you take a look and share with interested folks to share any final edits/clarifications. I want to make sure that when I made a few edits/changes, that I did so accurately. 
Many, many thanks for your help with this!! 
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Hi again, 
Please see the PDF of the LDP section laid out attached. This is the first draft of how it will look (more or less) once it ’ s gone to print. 
This is still a work in process, so please note: 

    1. I have not worked on the photos yet. I believe they are all the right size but we won ’ t know for certain until we start processing them properly when surprises can show up. I have also not done the rights for them yet, so if you see any credits, they are not this year ’ s, they are left over from last year. In addition I am hesitating about the larger photo on p52 because the little girl in the black coat looks blurred. So I might try around with some other photos, or if you have a better suggestion please let me know. 
    2. You will see Heather ’ s quote on page 52. 
    3. The Branching Mind grant on p57 is only a text box holder. I will input the grants in January. 
Let me know your thoughts. If you want to take your time to think about it you can, but I will work on the final edits in January after the break. 
Best wishes 





Silvia Margarita Baldiris Navarro 

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