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Ayotte, Dana dayotte at ocadu.ca
Wed Aug 28 20:29:07 UTC 2019

Hello All!

As October 17 gets closer I wanted to share some important information about our face to face meeting and DEEP.

  *   Our travel budget can cover 2 participants from each partner. As was the case last year, we encourage you to bring someone who has been involved in the project and would be interested in participating in our meeting and in DEEP. It would be wonderful if you were able to bring a student or young person who has been directly involved and impacted by the work of the project.
  *   Keep checking https://deep.idrc.ocadu.ca/ for updates on the DEEP agenda (this year’s theme: "The State of Inclusion”)
  *   If you need invitation letters for travel visas please let me know and we can provide them.
  *   Note that all of your travel receipts will need to be submitted to the IDRC before the end of October, since that is the project billing cutoff date (I will be reminding you of this again!).


  *   We would like to hear from you about what you hope to get out of the meeting.
  *   Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions:
     *   What are your desired outcomes for the final SJRK face to face meeting?
     *   Please share any ideas you have for activities or suggested topics or meeting formats (anything!) that you think will help the group achieve these outcomes
        *   e.g. I want to develop collaborative relationships and think that it would be good to form working groups on the topic of _____
        *   e.g. I want to get input into next steps for our organization's work and would love to do some co-design activities
        *   e.g. YOUR IDEA HERE :)
  *   We can discuss your ideas at our next partners meeting on Thursday September 5.

Look for another email coming soon with an outline of items to include in your final reports, which we need from you by October 17!

Best wishes,


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