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Jutta Treviranus jtreviranus at ocadu.ca
Thu Jun 4 16:09:02 UTC 2020

This is the work with the Ontario government. I want to add the disability perspective to these guidelines (the bias against outliers and small minorities and how it surfaces in date-driven decisions and AI).


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Hi Sara and Jutta,

I am reaching out to connect as Geoffery has shared that you are contacts for OCAD's work concerning ethical AI!

My colleague Dalia and I are leading work to guide responsible data tech use by government including AI. We just launched our alpha versions of guidance documents today concerning AI use by government to get key stakeholders and practitioners involved in this conversation as early as possible.

Link to project landing page for both products: https://github.com/orgs/ongov/projects/2

The landing page links to the documents:

  *   Transparency Guidelines
     *   English: https://github.com/ongov/Transparency-Guidelines
     *   French: https://github.com/ongov/Transparency-Guidelines/blob/master/README-FR.md
  *   Ethical Use
     *   English: https://github.com/ongov/AI-Principles
     *   French: https://github.com/ongov/AI-Principles/blob/master/README-FR.md

We will be collecting, discussing and incorporating feedback into more formal versions for wider public consultation in future (timing will be dependent on initial feedback from practitioners and stakeholders).

If you are available to connect over the next few weeks we would love to learn more about your work and how we can all work together to set Ontario on a good path for safe, responsible, beneficial use of data-enhance/driven/powered technology.

Hope you are keeping safe and well,

Amy Bihari (She/Her)
Senior Advisor, Data and Emerging Technology
Ontario Digital Service
647 643 9317


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