[Wecount] Control author(s) when editing posts on WordPress

Cindy Li cli at ocadu.ca
Fri Jun 19 00:01:20 UTC 2020


At today’s WeCount check in meeting, Uttara asked if it’s possible not to provide author information or provide multiple authors when posting an article on the WordPress site.

After some experiments with Wordpress, the answer is yes.

Right now, the author name displayed on the WeCount website is the person who logs into Wordpress and creates the article. On the screenshot below of a typical post editing page, it’s the red-circle “author" value at the right. This author can be changed to another person, but that person must have an account on the WordPress site. Also, it doesn’t allow multiple authors.

In order to have post creators control the author value, a “custom author(s)” field can be created, which is the blue-circled at the bottom of the screenshot. Post creators can enter whatever makes sense or leave it blank.

This implies post creators will take responsibility to input “custom author(s)” value. Otherwise, the author value will be empty on the WeCount website.

Let me know if you have questions about this workflow. Thanks.


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