[Wecount] Questions regarding the 'Learn' Page

Uttara Ghodke ughodke at ocadu.ca
Fri Jun 26 14:42:59 UTC 2020

Hi Vera,

Hope you are well. We had some questions regarding the WeCount website that came up yesterday during our Tech check-in. It would be very helpful if you could address those:

What would be the purpose of the 'Learn' page and how that is different from 'News'? We are struggling a bit to differentiate between the two. We realized that we wanted the 'Learn' page to be more like a Resource/Library for Inclusive AI. But currently there are also resources related to this under our 'News' page. Should we just consider including the 'News' under the 'Learn' page?

Currently we have 4 categories under 'Learn' and couple of resources under each category. All of the pdf's are tagged now and we would just need to create posts on WordPress in order for Cindy and Teddy to get started with the page. What are your thoughts about the same?

Please let us know how can we proceed further.

Thanks Vera
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