[Wecount] Questions regarding the 'Learn' Page

Vera Roberts vroberts at ocadu.ca
Fri Jun 26 17:06:16 UTC 2020

Hi Cindy,

I discussed the design of the permanent Learn page with Uttara this morning (as well as the temporary one to use until the next release). The reference document for the Learn page is the “literature summary” spreadsheet the Resources folder of the We Count Teams site: https://ocaduniversity.sharepoint.com/teams/Team_WeCount/_layouts/15/Doc.aspx?OR=teams&action=edit&sourcedoc={61E45726-0A9C-41FD-AFEA-0CFDEDD4EE07}<https://ocaduniversity.sharepoint.com/teams/Team_WeCount/_layouts/15/Doc.aspx?OR=teams&action=edit&sourcedoc=%7b61E45726-0A9C-41FD-AFEA-0CFDEDD4EE07%7d>

Pleas use the “learn searchability” tab of the spreadsheet.

The Learn page will have four tiles that are fast searches based on columns A-D; something like: “I want to know more about work for people with disabilities in data science” which would return items with the focus tags listed beneath row 1 (in this case Data Science Education, Disability/outliers and Employment). We envision the option of further filtering using the items in Column H. I’d also like an advanced/make your own search that would enable searching with the items in column K or key word search (using our text fields in the annotated bilbliography tab). Date fields are an important add.

I cannot attend the tech meeting on Monday unless you make it immediately before or after the NRC meeting which is from 2:30-4:00. I’m willing to come although I am off next week.


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Currently we have 4 categories under 'Learn' and couple of resources under each category.

Based on the design for the “Learn” page (see screenshot below), learning resources will have new “Topic” and “Publication Type” values. It means we cannot use the same WordPress interface for adding news and views posts to add learning resources. A custom WordPress interface needs to be created for it.

It would be nice to think about other than “Topic” and “Publication Type”, are there other new fields need to be associated with each resource and appear on the custom interface?

Ned and I chatted about it this morning. Ned said in the platform coop, there are 2 dates: publication date and date that a resource is added to the library. The reason for having separate dates is sometimes publication dates are unknown or only the year or year/month is known. So the publication date has 3 separate fields for “year”, “month”, “day”. They can all be filled or left empty. It’s helpful to think about details like this.

Once fields for learning resources are clear, we can start to create the custom WordPress interface. After that, researchers can use this interface to enter learning resources into WordPress.



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On Jun 26, 2020, at 10:42 AM, Uttara Ghodke <ughodke at ocadu.ca<mailto:ughodke at ocadu.ca>> wrote:

Hi Vera,

Hope you are well. We had some questions regarding the WeCount website that came up yesterday during our Tech check-in. It would be very helpful if you could address those:

What would be the purpose of the 'Learn' page and how that is different from 'News'? We are struggling a bit to differentiate between the two. We realized that we wanted the 'Learn' page to be more like a Resource/Library for Inclusive AI. But currently there are also resources related to this under our ‘News’ page. Should we just consider including the 'News' under the 'Learn' page?

Currently we have 4 categories under 'Learn' and couple of resources under each category. All of the pdf's are tagged now and we would just need to create posts on WordPress in order for Cindy and Teddy to get started with the page. What are your thoughts about the same?

Please let us know how can we proceed further.

Thanks Vera
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