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Philip Tchernavskij ptchernavskij at ocadu.ca
Wed May 13 16:07:32 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Another source of research that might be relevant to We Count. DATACTIVE is a European Research Council-funded research project based at the Media Studies department at the University of Amsterdam. They’ve been running since 2015 and seem to still be going strong.

Their “Big Data from the South” project might be particularly interesting to us, as it focuses on data governance and the data economy from the perspective of the Global South (sort of) (https://data-activism.net/big-data-from-the-south/).

Some self-descriptive quotes from https://data-activism.net/2015/10/welcome/:
“We are DATACTIVE, a research project and a research collective exploring the politics of big data broadly defined.”

"The DATACTIVE project revolves around three main questions that explore the politics of big data: how do citizens resist massive data collection? How do people use big data to foster social change? How do big data and data activism affect the dynamics of transnational civil society? We use the lenses of data activism, an umbrella term that indicate grassroots mobilizations enabled but also constrained by software, which take a critical stance towards massive data collection. They emerge from, for example, the hacker and open software movement, but increasingly involve ordinary users, signaling a change in perspective and attitude towards massive data collection emerging within civil society.”

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