[Wecount] Using Air Table for We Count Data sets

Ali Milad ali.milad at student.ocadu.ca
Thu Sep 3 12:12:34 UTC 2020

Thanks for the detailed email Cindy, I'll reach out if I run into any issues.


From: Cindy Li
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Hi Vera,

I created a new 1password vault for the WeCount project and granted you the access. This vault includes 2 logins:

1. wecount.info at gmail.com<mailto:wecount.info at gmail.com>
I created this Gmail account last month for sending user comments on workshops to a moderator. I figure it could possibly be used elsewhere when a WeCount email is needed.

2. The Airtable account using "wecount.info at gmail.com<mailto:wecount.info at gmail.com>” as the login id
The current WeCount Airtable workspace that was under my work email has been transferred to a new Airtable account created using "wecount.info at gmail.com<mailto:wecount.info at gmail.com>” as the login id. This Airtable login is saved in the new vault too.

Ali, I’m not sure how the invite form for environmental scan data sets looks like in your plan. As a preliminary step, I created a new base "Environment Scan Invitations” to demonstrates how one person could be invited to contribute to multiple data sets. The “Invites” table in this base also has a form view to show how to create a form. This base has been shared with your and Vera's ocadu email address.

Ali, you can create your own Airtable account using your ocadu email and this base should automatically show up in your account.

If the information in this email is too overwhelming or unclear, we can schedule a meeting to discuss.



On Sep 1, 2020, at 2:04 PM, Cindy Li <cli at ocadu.ca<mailto:cli at ocadu.ca>> wrote:

Hi Vera,

For now, Airtable account is using my work email. I can either save the login to “FLUID” or “IDRC” 1password vault so it’s accessible by the whole team, or we can create a new account using a wecount email address, if there is one. Airtable data hasn’t gone live yet in the production so it isn’t a problem to switch accounts or move data. Which way would you prefer?

I would suggest to keep all tables in one account for easier management.

It’s not necessary at this point to purchase an Airtable plan. Although the free plan offers 1200 records per base, each account can create unlimited bases. We can potentially use one base for workshop and comments information, and another base for environmental scan invites.



On Sep 1, 2020, at 1:44 PM, Vera Roberts <vroberts at ocadu.ca<mailto:vroberts at ocadu.ca>> wrote:

Hi Cindy,
We would like to use Air Table to display and  invite others to contribute to three of the environmental scan data sets that we (well, really Ali Milad) have created. Is there an account that we should use for Air Table or should we just create a new one? Also, wondering if you have considered if we should be purchasing an Air Table plan. I see that we would qualify for a 50% discount. The limit on the free plan is 1200 records which might be fine if we have different accounts for different “bases.”


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