[Wecount] The Badgets page and the corresponding home tile link

Cindy Li cli at ocadu.ca
Wed Sep 9 17:38:18 UTC 2020

Hi Vera & David,

Uttara is adding the Bagets page on the WordPress site. Once she publishes it, the page and the menu item will be available via the top navigation bar on the production site.

However, there are a couple of issues that need to be addressed programmatically, which won’t be available on the production site until the next release:

1. The corresponding home tile pointing to the Bagets page;
2. Now the top navigation bar has too many words to fit into the iPad Pro portrait mode. The website styling needs to be adjusted to fix the issue.

In terms of when the next release will be, it will be once Ted’s work on the workshop comment page completes and the whole site is tested. The estimate is in the next a couple of weeks.

Options we have for the Bagets page:

1. Wait until the next release to publish everything;
2. Publish the Bagets page first and live with two issues above for a week or two.

Technically, I would recommend option 1 so everything looks great on the production site. However, depending on how urgent the Bagets page is expected to be available, Vera and David, please decide if you’d like to take option 2.

Please let me know if there’s anything unclear. Thanks.


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