[Wecount] Initiatives Page: editable intro paragraphs

Cindy Li cli at ocadu.ca
Wed Sep 16 17:03:18 UTC 2020


At the Monday meeting, one requirement for the Initiatives page is that the content of intro paragraphs should be editable by content creators. We talked about two solutions: one is to edit it in Airtable because the workshop info under the intro is fetched from Airtable; the other is to edit it using WordPress and assemble  WP content with the workshop info from Airtable. The decision on Monday was to use the first approach with Airtable for now. When richer contents are needed in these paragraphs, we’ll switch to the 2nd approach with WordPress.

For your information, the intro paragraphs are red circled in the screenshot:

After a discussion with Ned, it appears the implementation of the 2nd approach using WordPress is easier than the first approach using Airtable. Moreover, content creators are probably more familiar with the editing interface in WordPress. It also saves the future move from Airtable to WordPress.

So, what has been implemented and alive on the development site <https://dev--wecount.netlify.app/initiatives/> is to continue to use WordPress to edit "Initiatives” page intro paragraphs. The workshop info is fetched from Airtable and appended below the intro.

Please let me know if you have other opinions.



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