[Wecount] Data Monitor Updates

Uttara Ghodke ughodke at ocadu.ca
Fri Sep 18 19:58:01 UTC 2020

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for your email.

For the version two, I, Lisa and Philip decided to take out the “Quick Apply” section.
Instead of the Filters, there are going to be check boxes which will specify the following information from the spreadsheet Philip created

For the other suggestions, I will discuss them with Lisa and we can also talk about them during Monday’s check in.

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Thanks for the update, Uttara. The map design looks great.

A couple of questions:

1. On the landing page:
               1.1. There’s a “Quick Apply” section at the top left corner. Are 4 items in it filter items applied by default for everyone? What conditions do you use to select default filter items?
               1.2. The side menu at the right lists some hospitals. How are these hospitals initially selected when an address is not provided? Are they search results based on the user’s current location if he/she agrees to turn on the location service? What if the user has the location service turned off? Or is the default geo location set to Toronto?

2. The number of hospitals on the side menu at the right:
I noticed this number changes when the height of the map changes. On the landing page, there are 10 hospitals on the list. When a filter is expanded, the map height increases and the list has 14. One rule of creating an accessible website is, the content change in an area should be announced. But the change here is not the change to hospitals but hospitals get displayed are changed. I’m not sure if announcing this type of change would be helpful to users. Also, technically, the side menu needs to be re-rendered frequently to reflect the change. So I wonder if it would be more user friendly and efficient to display a fixed number of hospitals on this list.



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Oh no, I forgot to mention the link. Here it is:


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Hello all,

We have been working on the design for the Data Monitor since few weeks now. Here is a link to the figma file, you can access the design under Data Monitor section on the left. Please feel free to provide any feedback/comments. 😊

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